Recruitment & Executive Search: Reimagined & Reengineered.

Harnessing cutting-edge technology & processes to create a paradigm shift in the way recruitment services are charged and delivered to businesses

Why us ?

TechBridge Market is a highly disruptive recruitment & executive search services company operating across the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions.

We have taken the outdated recruitment agency model and re-built it from the ground up to create the most effective, transparent, accessible and cost-effective outsourced solution in the market today.

  • Significantly increased speed of hire

  • A greatly enhanced hiring experience

  • Fair & transparent pricing

  • Market leading customer service

Dedicated recruiter

​Being highly tech-enabled doesn’t mean we lack a human touch. All TechBridge candidates have one or more dedicated recruitment managers who are always on hand to help ensure the right outcomes.

How it works

Step 1 : Post your job

Upload your role to TechBridge and alert your dedicated recruiter simply by uploading a job description file

Step 2 : Automated matching of suitable candidates

Our automated sourcing and matching system ensure that your TechBridge recruiter spends more time vetting and qualifying candidates to send you for interview, saving you time whilst ensuring quality

Step 3 : Receive qualified and vetted candidate profiles

Review and manage screened job applicants throughout the entire hiring process directly from your private candidate management dashboard



Once your TechBridge recruiter has shared a suitable candidate to your dashboard you have full visibility and control over the hiring process. Our intuitive interface keeps your whole team up to speed seamlessly.

Visual hiring pipeline

Keep track of your active jobs and viable candidates. See how many candidates are at each stage of every job and use this as your launchpad.

Search jobs and candidates quickly & easily

When volume hiring, search and filter your candidates and jobs by name, location or hiring stage.

Candidate profiles

When you receive qualified candidates on your dashboard you can quickly review their profiles and full CVs. Work through the candidates in your list; progress or disqualify individually or in bulk, without ever leaving the candidate browser.

Recruiter inbox

Communicate easily with your candidates or dedicated recruiter. Smart 2 way communications synchronises between your normal email inbox and your TechBridge inbox.

Interview scheduling

Set up calls or interviews with candidates quickly and easily. TechBridge will automatically notify candidates of the details and help you manage schedule changes. TechBridge integrates with your email and calendar applications.

Hiring reports and analytics

Use our hiring reports and analytics to see the progress of your open jobs, assess your hiring speed and time to hire, and analyse activity levels.

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